One of the added features of a Condor Options membership is the ability to have our strategy autotraded in your account. Autotrading is an increasingly popular feature – your broker receives the analysis from us and simply makes the trade for you. This feature is included in your membership at a cost of… free (as in free).

We’d like to mention, just for the record, that our view is that any investment strategy of any kind is best employed by educated, engaged individuals, and that in the grand scheme of things auto-trading is a very poor substitute for an active individual investor, and should never under any circumstances be used for portfolio management purposes.

Autotrading terms and conditions

The brokers listed below are happy to setup your account for autotrading. But before making any autotrading allocations, you should be aware that your use of the autotrading feature signifies that you have read and consent to the following points:

  1. We make no representations whatsoever about the suitability of our information for any particular purpose you have, including the information provided via autotrading.
  2. All trades published and executed via autotrading are provided for educational purposes only, and will not be used by subscribers for financial advisory or portfolio management purposes. Any subscriber found to be using autotrading for these purposes will be immediately removed from the autotrading feature.
  3. Initiation of any autotrading function does not initiate a person-to-person relationship of any kind, fiduciary or otherwise, between you and Condor Options.
  4. We take no responsibility for any outcome of any autotrading function, including but not limited to missed trades, erroneously executed trades, and mis-allocated trades.
  5. If you are a Calendar Options subscriber, autotrading our calendar-spread strategy signifies that you also have read and understood the Calendar Options supplement to these terms and conditions.

In short, we are in the business of publishing our trade analysis, and while we are happy to send our information along to your broker, what happens to that information after that point is strictly a matter between you and them.


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