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Mon, May 30, 2011 | Jared Woodard

Options Myths

Expiring Monthly has published some great articles in recent months, many from guest contributors. In this post, I’d like to highlight some of those recent guest contributions. The May issue was published last week and is available now for subscribers – cf. my colleague Bill’s May recap.

  • Chris McKhann (optionMONSTER) wrote a column in the January 2011 issue, “The Vega Calendar Trap,” on how the vega of a given calendar or diagonal spread can be deceiving, and how to think about implied volatility for positions spanning multiple expiration cycles.
  • Brian Overby (TradeKing) published a two-part article on the dynamics of early exercise. Part 1 explains the basic concepts and covers risk factors for short call and short put positions. Part 2 explains how traders can know when their odds of assignment are higher by thinking from the perspective of a market maker.
  • Dan Passarelli‘s (Market Taker Mentoring) March column, “Looking Over the Hedges” argued that while conventional put-buying hedging strategies are often too expensive, delta-ratioed hedges are an effective alternative.
  • Jason Ungar (Gresham Investment Management) profiled a strategy that outperforms both buy-and-hold and conventional buy-write strategies with lower return volatility. Check out “The Many Virtues of a Put Selling Strategy” for more details.

We also interview at least one industry figure, author, or trader for each issue. Some recent interviews include the CEOs of optionsXpress and TradeKing and noted authors like Jeff Augen and Larry McMillan.

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