Expiring Monthly Site Relaunch

Fri, Mar 25, 2011 | Jared Woodard

Meta, Options Education

If you haven’t visited http://www.expiringmonthly.com in the last couple weeks, you should really check it out. We’ve had the site completely rebuilt, not just re-designed, and the changes are pretty exciting.

Besides the visual improvements and organization, the biggest change is that we’re making individual back issues and even individual articles available for purchase, subject to a three-month delay. It’s still much, much cheaper to just take a subscription, but if you want to buy an article or two to check out the quality of our analysis, you can visit the archives area and sort by author, issue, feature, or keyword. We’re still adding back issues and hope to have them all uploaded soon.

One of the reasons I look forward to the process of editing each issue is that we’ve been able to bring in such excellent guest contributors. The March issue is a perfect example. The feature article by Michael McCarty discusses multi-dimensional approaches to understanding volatility,¬†and guest columns from Tyler Craig and Dan Passarelli and an interview with Jeff Augen round out the issue.

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