New eBook Short: Options and the Volatility Risk Premium

I’m excited to announce the publication of Options and the Volatility Risk Premium, a short eBook (about 4500 words) published by FT Press. I have written about the volatility risk premium (VRP) before on this blog, and published a feature article in Expiring Monthly last year on the presence of the VRP in commodity options.

  • The first part of the text explains the concept of the volatility risk premium and gives a rationale for why it exists.
  • The second part reviews the evidence – including the most current academic research – for the presence of a VRP in every major asset class.
  • Part three presents some techniques for estimating, predicting, and trading the VRP – including discussion of volatility selling strategies like short variance swaps.

An excerpt is available at the blog of the New York Society of Security Analysts. The text is available as a PDF as well as in other proprietary formats:

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  1. D. Hom Says:

    From the excerpts I can read at Safari Books, this looks like an excellent piece of analysis. I’ll be purchasing up a copy shortly.

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