New Series: Ivory Tower Incidentals

My research agenda – finance and otherwise – is longer than ever and I’m equally further behind. One thing blogging has taught us all is that the pace of thought required to tackle complicated, multi-faceted problems is often incongruous with the pace at which pithy bloggers operate. Imagine if the Critique of Pure Reason had been published in two-hundred-word pieces. Shudder.

So given the choice between research progress and consistency in blogging, I want to opt for the former. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share articles that I find interesting, right? In the hope that some of you are as immune to the allergens of academia as I am, I plan to post here links to and abstracts of journal articles that I judge to be worth at least a quick scan. For those without university library access, I’ll post SSRN or other links to draft versions when available.

The advantage of this plan is that it will give the illusion that I’m a tireless, committed blogger. But my motives aside, I think the academic finance literature is being unjustly ignored on the internet. Empirical Finance Research Blog is the glaring exception here, and I hope they continue to update regularly; CXO Advisory also review journal articles occasionally, and we can all hope that Mike Konczal won’t allow his rising media profile to warn him off shameless geekery. But academic work isn’t just for the professionals – even if you can’t follow all the details, journals are a great place to get ideas for strategies or for new ways to think about old problems. I see far too many traders and bloggers stumbling around using the same old tools (really, your MACD says the market is oversold? Really?), and hopefully some of the articles I link to in the near future will provide some fresh ideas.

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