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Sat, Dec 20, 2008 | Jared Woodard

Trading Links

In the holiday spirit, we wanted to give some link love and to say thanks to the bloggers who have consistently captured our attention this year.  In no particular order, here are some sites that really deserve your time.  Go ahead and add them to your RSS readers now:

  • Ultimi Barbarorum is, above all, a pleasure to read.  The proprietors of this blog are Spinozists, which helps a lot.  We love this blog.  Block out an hour or so and comb through the archives.
  • Quantifiable Edges and MarketSci Blog show why quantitative analysis and rigorous testing should be your best friends.  “Rob Hanna” is secretly five people – that’s the only explanation for the volume of informative studies he churns out.  Michael Stokes at MarketSci has a real knack for finding novel trading ideas and distilling them into concise (and attractive) reports.
  • Daily Options Report and VIX and More are key options destinations.  Adam Warner isn’t just the scourge of CNBC and Lenny Dykstra, he also has valuable things to say about options and volatility.  And Bill Luby has done more for education about the VIX and volatility than any other blogger.

The blogosphere keeps getting more crowded, mostly with flotsam, and with a few exceptions (Abnormal Returns, Greenfaucet) aggregators have been unhelpful or worse.  Knowing where to spend your finite amount of reading time is more important and more difficult than ever.  So if it sounds like we’re gushing, that’s why; these guys are all essential reading.

Whence the title of this post?  Why not “top trading blogs” or somesuch?  Because, in our view, the only sorts of finance writing worth reading these days have to do with managing risk, and quantitative analysis and options trading, when done right, are all about practical risk management.

Comments are turned on for this post – if we overlooked someone equally awesome, let us know.

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  1. Damian Says:

    A few others come to mind and are on my must read list:


    Mebane just launched a new AlphaClone product that is pretty interesting, and he has published a very interesting paper.


    Dr. Brett Steenbarger has excellent posts and tools. And talk about someone who doesn’t appear to sleep.

  2. Michael S Says:

    That’s one heck of a “top blogs” list to make it on to, and it’s a special honor coming from a fellow quant-oriented site I respect. I appreciate the mention and everything you guys do. michael

  3. Jim Slagle Says:

    Jared, thanks for the kind words and recognition. Needless to say we are big fans of Condor Options and your work in particular. Thanks again and have a happy holiday season.

    Jim Slagle,

    Executive Editor,

  4. nick Says:

    Good list. I’d add wilmott.

  5. Guy Lerner Says:

    Please check out the The Technical Take blog:

    Quantitative approach; useable information.

  6. George Says:

    I found your post via another news aggregator well worth checking:

  7. Larry Says:

    Nice list. I’d suggest a few more that I have enjoyed.

    Barry Ritholtz has had great commentary over at the Big Picture.

    Also Market Folly has done a great job tracking hedge fund portfolios

  8. MagikMsu Says:

    Judging by the time of Rob’s emails he has to be at least 5 people…or has cloned himself as it appears he does not sleep.

  9. John Says:

    I like your pick of Vix and More, and Damian’s of Mebane’s World Beta.

    Another that deserves a mention has just been awesome in 2008 covering MEW rates and other interesting credit-related issues:

  10. Blue Bluff Says:

    This blog is fairly new but I check it out daily. It’s an option blog that I highly recommend.

  11. Marco Says:

    I’m surprised didn’t make this list.

  12. tammy-ran Says:

    thanks for the list..

  13. bryan Says:

    hey, is there a section just for latest news

  14. R.Manivannan Says:

    I wish is also a part of the list.

  15. Toulgenunions Says:

    Terrific web site,, I will come back soon:)

  16. mutuelle Says:

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  18. Richard Says:

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  19. Bill Bartmann Says:

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  20. mutuelle santé Says:

    many thanks for the list. will you update it shortly?

  21. assursante Says:

    I too liked your blog

  22. defiscalisation Says:

    the list is really very useful. thanks for sharing it!

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