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Sat, Jun 14, 2008 | Jared Woodard

Politics, Trading Links

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The Financial Times has a fascinating interactive map of key oil players and movements.

Roger Nusbaum profiles one of several forthcoming frontier ETFs. For when BRICs get too boring, you can own some Poland, Chile, and Egypt.

Greg Feirman wonders whether Lehman really is bankrupt; in Barron’s, Steven Sears notes that the premiums in LEH options “show that investors think the stock is more than twice as risky as the overall financial sector.”

It’s kind of strange that with so many urgent economic and national security issues on the table, McCain is trotting out the old “tax-and-spend liberal!” boilerplate. Even worse, it might not even be true, if you can imagine that:

Economists of various ideological persuasions, however, view Mr. McCain’s assessment as inaccurate or exaggerated. Some question whether Mr. Obama’s tax plan can even be characterized as an increase. Some also argue that contrary to Mr. McCain’s assertions, the Democrat’s proposals, if enacted, would actually reduce taxes for the middle class — the voters both candidates see as the key to victory.

Finally, Felix Salmon endorses an eminently reasonable proposal for saving The New York Times from itself: give subscribers voting shares of stock. It would probably work, although we would be concerned about the potential for a trend to develop whereby customers and stakeholders decided how their companies should be run (rather than, you know, the vultures of high finance). What next, allowing workers to control the means of production? Horrors!

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